Apple’s iOS 6 Says Buh-Bye to Google Maps. What Does This Mean for Businesses?


One of the most important things we do for our partners is make sure they stay in front of their target audience. As people use their smart phones even more to utilize the Internet, we have to make sure our partners are made aware of any new features. This so happens to be one of […]

Increase Your Business Utilizing Our Google AdWords Specialists!


At some point, we all feel the need to be number one in some manner and it’s often a very challenging feet to accomplish. Whether we are striving for personal proficiency or perfection in our own business… success seems just at the end of our reach sometimes. As a business owner, you understand the high […]

Social Media for Businesses: Management | Phase 5: Enlightenment


Now It’s Time to Feel Enlightenment! We have finally reached the highest level in the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs called Enlightenment. Very few companies reach this phase as many refer to it as an aspirational state. At this point, business processes are adjusted in real-time through social data and insights. Time for “on the […]

Social Media for Businesses: Management | Phase 4: Enablement


Less Work for You, More Empowerment for Them! Once you reach the Enablement phase, you have a solid understanding of your baseline needs. Your team has implemented certain processes, and a proper structure is in place. It’s time to loosen the reins, and let your team thrive within your organization. Give your business units the […]

Think Your Business’s Website Ranks on Google’s First Page? Think Again.


One of the biggest misconceptions with Google’s organic (not paid) results is that your business’s website may not rank on the first page even though the website is found on the first page. We all are probably guilty of it. The average Google user may not know the results they find on the first page […]

Bing Get’s Social with Spend Less Time Searching, More Time Doing


It was a busy year in 2009 for Microsoft. They introduced Bing, and they bought Yahoo for $39 billion dollars. When you want to start a war with a company like Google, this is one way to do it. Bing’s idea, “people should expect more from a search engine.” Obviously, with the launch of Search, […]

Social Media for Businesses: Management | Phase 3: Formation


Generate a Solid Formation Now that we are ready for crisis control, we can move on to Formation. Here you want to organize your social media deployments by connecting business units to increase coordination and reduce duplication. Large companies have an average of 178 social media accounts. It is time to ask yourself, approximately how […]

Social Media for Businesses: Management | Phase 2: Safety


Become the Ed Reed of Safeties Ready to move on to Safety? Do not move into this phase unless you have a strong foundation, and are comfortable moving forward. Here you will define your dedicated team, set clear goals of your objectives, then deploy them. Start preparing your team to quickly and safely respond in […]

Social Media for Businesses: Management | Phase 1: Foundation


Social media management continues to evolve as the social media platforms evolve. Everyone is scouring the internet looking for a solution on how to manage their social media marketing campaigns, as well as, their social media accounts. Larger companies have generated a budget and created teams to sit in war rooms to monitor and maintain […]

Get Your $100 in Free Advertising on Google AdWords!


UPDATE: All of our vouchers Google mailed us have been distributed. As a member of Google Engage for Agencies, we have the ability to request $100 vouchers for our clients. If you are interested to see what Cyberlicious Marketing can do for you and your business utilizing Google AdWords, contact us to schedule an appointment. […]