About Us

The Beginning

In 2009, we began our quest to assist with the innovation of businesses to maintain a competitive edge in this rapidly changing world of technology. As paper advertising is becoming non-existent, the business world is moving online. We feel the development of mobile devices and tablets with full browser support contributed to the downfall of paper advertising, and businesses lost contact with their customers. As technology evolves, it is time for us to evolve.

Cyberlicious Marketing is Born

In January 2012, Cyberlicious Marketing was born…

The word cyberlicious \ˈsī-bər-ˈli-shəs\ is used to describe your online marketing and advertising experience. Cyber- is mainly known as the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality. We want to take this culture, and create an outstanding online experience for you, your business and customers. Now that’s Cyberlicious!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We drive innovation throughout your organization to build stronger brands, products or services. Our innovative internet marketing strategies will boost your business into today’s world of marketing and advertising. We are very excited to bring to you Cyberlicious Marketing as we incorporate high tech with high touch!

Get Creative. Stay Innovative. Always Competitive.